Paper Presentation & Colloquium

Agenda for Day 2 | 9 September 2021

Parallel Session 1 | 9.00am - 10.00am
Theme | Education Technology

Moderator | Assoc. Prof. Dr Gazi Nurul Islam
Presenter Topic
Yee Bee Choo, Faridah Mohd Sopah, Salbihana Samsudin, Halif Md. Saleh and Vijayan Periasamy (IPG Kampus Tun Hussein Onn)

Digital Storytelling in the Home-Based Teaching and Learning During the Pandemic
Supawadee Moss (Univ of New England, New South Wales, AU)

The Challenge of Disengagement During Lockdown: Successfully Engaging Students in Auditing Courses
Hamidah Mohamad & Muzamir Othman (UNIRAZAK)

Students' Experience with Virtual Learning Environment: A Case Study of UNIRAZAK
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Moderator | Amiruddin Ahmad
Presenter Topic
Shamilah Abd Halim (UNIRAZAK)

Using Technology Tools in Teaching Reading: Teachers’ Attitudes and the Challenges They Face
Siti Farhah A Aziz, Nuzha Mohamed Taha, Sofia Elias, Rabiha Maya Adiera (UNIRAZAK, UNITAR)

Teacher’s Readiness towards Digital Learning Environment: The Roles of the Teacher
Siti Farhah A Aziz, Santhi Davi Nair, Sofia Elias, Nuzha Mohamed Taha, Rabiha Maya Adiera (UNIRAZAK, UNITAR)

Transitioning To Online Teaching Amidst Covid-19: How School Teachers’ Transition From in Person To Online Teaching
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Moderator |  Lilie Zahara Ramly
Presenter Topic
Mohamad Rozi Ismail (IPG Kota Bahru)

Exploration of Practice and Readiness of Teachers to Apply Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning
Ashwini a/p M.Madawana @ Madawan (Dental Surgery , Ministry of Health Malaysia) Distance Education for Special Needs
Students in Malaysia and Its Progress
Mohd Al Mahdi, Farah Damia, Harnani Mohamed (UNITAR) Developing Innovative Technology in Building Mental Health Resilience Amid Covid-19 Epidemic Among Private University Students
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Breakout Room 4 - PG Colloquium
Moderator | Denise Choong Yun Cyn     Reviewer | Asst. Prof. Dr Fatimah Tambi

Presenter Topic
Mohd Shawani Ahmad Sabri (UNIRAZAK)

Investigating Early Childhood Educators’ Understanding, and Practices Related to Value-Based Education During Pandemic COVID-19
Noor Olya Dollah (UNIRAZAK)

Leveraging Technology for Remote Learning in Preschool Education : A design Thinking Approach
Noor Afidah Abu Bakar (UNIRAZAK)

Digital Home Learning Environment to Enhance Screen Media Learning: A Theoretical Concept
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